User Experience

We believe that user experience is the soul of the product. We develop unique and easy-to-use experience for various information platforms including websites, mobile apps and smart devices. User experience design plays an irreplaceable role in precisely expressing the intention of the project and fulfilling the demands of users, further more, to ensure the follow-up visual design and technology development will always manifest the purpose of the project.

For prospective projects even in their concept stage, our design ability with great sensibility will suffice the research, planning and design service, creating a higher origin for them.

Every design company has a large number of cases to show. We have designed a combination of pictures and texts to showcase their excellent cases, with masonry and other forms of layouts. We’ve set related cases for each entry, make visitors find another interesting case much more easily. WordPress makes updating the website very convenient, […]



iDas is an professional test results management software used by auto parts manufacturers, the original version and demand are very complex, we re-combed all the historical version of the demands, simplified complexity of level and logical relationships. Designed new access path for different role of members. Makes it easier to use.


img reco2 title

While we were designing Reconote 2.0, we’ve reconsidered the needs of users, We’ve made a thorough redesign from both UX and UI prospective. We’ve added a more intuitive view mode for items, each item has a progress bar, the target and latest record are shown on the progress bar. The fast access of latest record is very convenient for reference and […]


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As the alternation of hardware, we perform a redesign of interaction and UI to the MeetU watch. The resolution of the screen has been changed from 256*128px (2:1) to 340*276px. The higher PPI provides us more potentials to present finer character and icons. Most importantly, we have maintained the original “Loop” concept from MeetU 1.0, […]


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Introduction As the miniaturization of smart devices, a large variety of smart watches has emerged in the market, however, most of which are customized based on android watch system without much innovation on visual design and interaction patterns, leaving to the users only experiences of monotony. The MeetU smartwatch finds an unconventional approach, proposing a […]