Mobile Solutions

We have an experienced team with cross-platform development abilities, from Android to iOS, from smartphone, smartwatch to tablets. We are incapable of nothing. We are able to develop and deploy wechat and Weibo service, connecting to third-party platform, allowing the product to occupy the market rapidly invincibly.

changning map

With the development of the special low speed traffic system in Changning District of Shanghai, we have developed the online map of the low speed traffic system. The current version of the low speed traffic system has 8 routes, more than 100 scenic spots. The online version and paper booklet are designed to meet diverse […]


img reco2 title

While we were designing Reconote 2.0, we’ve reconsidered the needs of users, We’ve made a thorough redesign from both UX and UI prospective. We’ve added a more intuitive view mode for items, each item has a progress bar, the target and latest record are shown on the progress bar. The fast access of latest record is very convenient for reference and […]


img service mobile

Project Management Our self-developed project management system is able to track the progress of projects easily. Each project will be assigned a project number on early stage, which will be used in the whole process of the project. On every quotation, contracts and invoices this number and corresponding QR code will be printed. Our clients […]


img reco title1

The witness of self improvement and progress is the inexhaustible motivation for fitness lovers. RecoNote provides a simple, clear and effective solution for recording fitness achievements. The user experience with zero learning cost allows every user to handle it easily, with various diagram that demonstrate the result and progress of different stages. Fresh and minimal […]