Nike BJ Sneaker Attack online site

Nike Beijing Sneaker Attack is an event for sneaker heads. Nike has specially created a touring show bus. The bus contains a sneaker display wall, a check-in and photo area, several WorkShops, and a sneaker question-and-answer machine is also held outside the bus. During the event, participants have the opportunity to get sneaker peripherals. In addition to the specially built bus, Nike also teamed up with local shoe stores to create trendy activities with different themes, enriching the experience of sneaker enthusiasts.

We provide an online version for the event, embedded in the Nike mini programs, visitors can view the list of activities of the day, as well as the specific activity arrangements in different regions at any time, and can attend the pop quiz online. The questions are divided into three levels based on difficulty, which are gradually level up, and get Badge to share with friends in Wechat.

We use Vue.js in the front-end, and have full RESTFUL API back-end implemented based on its functions, and dealt with various error conditions.