PRJM Project Management System

PRJM Project Management System (PRJM) is a comprehensive project management tool tailored for Chinese small and start-up enterprises, aiming to help businesses easily manage various aspects of their projects. The system employs the latest technologies and features, elevating project management to new heights.


PRJM is a brand-new project management tool developed by us for its own successful use in our business. The system helps enterprises effortlessly manage aspects of their projects, such as clients, progress, quotations, income, expenses, contracts, invoices, and documentation. Additionally, it incorporates practical functions like WeChat message push notifications, attachment uploading, online payment, document printing, and user management. PRJM is suitable for small and start-up enterprises in China, providing efficient and convenient project management services.

Technical Architecture and Features

PRJM adopts advanced industry technology frameworks, using Vue.js for front-end development and Spring Boot for back-end development. Furthermore, it utilizes Nacos for configuration management. In the login process, the system integrates WeChat login functionality and implements high-level security protection.

The system employs multi-user, multi-role permission management, offering personalized customization for different clients. Users can customize independent print styles, logos, even use their own databases, and OSS storage according to their needs, ensuring data security and independence. Moreover, PRJM supports hosting WeChat AccessTokens, guaranteeing secure and reliable services.

Features and Tools

PRJM offers a range of practical tools and features to help enterprises manage projects more efficiently:

  1. WeChat Message Push: The system can push real-time project progress, contracts, orders, invoices, and other information to users’ WeChat, making it convenient for both parties to stay updated on the project status.
  2. Attachment Upload: Users can easily upload project-related documents, invoices, images, and other attachments for centralized management and easy access.
  3. Online Payment: By integrating with third-party payment platforms, the system enables convenient payment for project funds.
  4. Document Printing: Supports online printing of important documents such as contracts, quotations, and other documents to meet the needs of enterprise office work.
  5. User Management: Enables unified management of project members, making it convenient to assign tasks and adjust personnel allocation.
  6. Statistical Function: Projects can be filtered by year and status, with the system calculating the income and expenditure order amounts for a specific project or period.
  7. Short Link Generation: Generates short links that are more QR code-friendly in real-time, avoiding overly complex QR codes that cannot be scanned.

Applicable Scenarios and Advantages

PRJM is particularly suitable for small and start-up enterprises in China. Whether it involves project management, team collaboration, or client communication, this system offers numerous benefits that streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

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