exploreCRS online recruitment

As globalization continues to accelerate, the demand for international schools is also growing rapidly. To better meet this demand, we have developed an international school recruitment website called ExplorCRS, based on the WordPress, Vue.js, and Spring Boot frameworks.

As a website dedicated to international school recruitment, ExplorCRS utilizes Vue.js technology to make the user interface more friendly and intuitive. The backend logic and database management are implemented using Spring Boot. With the combination of Vue.js and Spring Boot technologies, ExplorCRS provides efficient and reliable international school recruitment services. Users can independently register on the website, and search, filter, and apply for positions. At the same time, school users can also log in to the website, view candidate information, and actively contact candidates. The biggest technical challenge for this website is that it does not store data itself. All backend data is stored in Zoho Recruit and relies heavily on the Zoho API. Through various data exchanges with the Zoho API, we have achieved real-time updates of user, school, and job data.

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