MeetU SmartWatch UX/UI Design


As the miniaturization of smart devices, a large variety of smart watches has emerged in the market, however, most of which are customized based on android watch system without much innovation on visual design and interaction patterns, leaving to the users only experiences of monotony.

The MeetU smartwatch finds an unconventional approach, proposing a future concept in which smart watches will dominate. With the attempt to redefine smart watch, MeetU will change the way people live.

With many endeavors in techniques, MeetU is able to be independent from cellphones, connected to the mobile network directly, providing voice call service and mobile data connection. It brings more convenience and potentials to the life style in the coming new era.

As the consultant, we propose innovative user experience design for the MeetU watch, signalizing it in the industry of smart devices.

Design Process

Investigation & Research

We design a questionnaire that concludes dozens of questions to interview various people who are potential to be our users. We collect the investigation data and recreate a serious of featured Personas as the basis of our user experience design.


Communication & Orientation

We carried out several workshops brainstorming with our clients, confirm the coral function architecture of the project. We propose innovative interaction patterns and user interface style orientation, fixing the overall taste of the project.


User Experience Design

On the basis of the previous work, we made wireframes for the major functions. We proceed usability test with return visits to the previous interviewees, and refine the interaction design accordingly to produce the final interaction results.


Motion Prototyping

According to the interaction design result and user interface orientation, we produced interaction prototype animation to demonstrate the potential of the project to clients.

Discarding the complicated old interaction patterns, we proposed innovated notification centre with the TimeLine style. All the incoming informations will be proceeded in one place and one time, realizing a quick and convenient user experience, making it realistic a life style centralized on smart watch.

User Interface Design

The user interface design is oriented to future and technical style, using irradiance as the element feature, proposing a perfect user experience for the project together with the innovation of the interaction patterns.