Research/UX Design for Ch!c App

Chic is a recommendation app for high-end services and products based on social communication. Chic holds the ambition to become a platform where top brands and individual designers can fully showcase themselves, as well as a high grade shopping guide platform of people who pursue good quality of life.



We performance large amounts of off-line investigations on the featured distribution of top-end boutiques and cultural environment in Shanghai, including consumptive habits of target users, marketing positioning, strategies and profit models of the sellers and etc.


On the basis of the research, we confirm that photo stream to be the main showcasing format, with adequate social experience to enhance the sellers’ reliability and users’ participation. Meanwhile the customizable filter will also fulfil the demands of exploring new experiences from the users. Great flexibility and freedom is also given to the sellers, allowing them to publish activities or create interactions between the seller and user, or among the users, which will eventually increase the vitality of the whole community.