Website and Online Services

We provide whole life service for websites from early stage research, content design, development, to maintenance. The service scope consists of user experience, content strategy, visual design, front-end and back-end develop. We apply responsive design to ensure perfect accessibilities from platforms such as desktop, mobile and etc.

Flexible: Most pages of our website can be freely edited
Safe: Our servers are fully backed up every day, database dual-system hot backup, static files have version control, MySSL A+ level
Advanced: We fully support the latest techniques, IPv6 supported

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As an outstanding design company, there are a large amount of visual examples that need to be displayed on the website. We have built an official website for leaping creative. We fully considered the presentation form and effect on the website, allowing all content to be elegantly presented on various devices from mobile phones to...


We set up an automation system with user interface for the newly established lithium battery factory of Ningbo Shanshan Group, which can intelligently monitor the conditions of each instrument and valve in the entire production line. Remote operation also helps maintenance personnel switch valves through this system. This industrial intelligent system speed up the responses...


cnsjw is a website focusing on foods, sceneries, hotels, tourisms, digital products and web technics. Front-end Responsive design, adaptive for all devices from desktop PC, notebook, tablets and cellphones, optimized especially for mobile access. Deployment We selected ECS cloud server from Aliyun, and RDS relation database. The site’s contents are mainly picture, therefore in order...