eitDesign WeChat Service

Project Management

Our self-developed project management system is able to track the progress of projects easily. Each project will be assigned a project number on early stage, which will be used in the whole process of the project. On every quotation, contracts and invoices this number and corresponding QR code will be printed. Our clients can easily track the project by scanning the QR code.

Main functions of the WeChat Service

Easy access to every page and functions of the website from WeChat Menu, including project binding and online payment.
Using the QR code scan function the project number can be easily filled into the textbox.


All bound projects can be listed. All the status of all the projects can be seen by one glimpse.
All status and related informations of one project can be inquired as well.


After binding a project, once the progress of the project is changed, a message will be pushed onto  WeChat.
Meanwhile WeChat payment is also integrated for easily online payment.


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